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Raghavendra hsraghav at MINDWARE.SOFT.NET
Wed Mar 5 10:45:00 CST 1997

Harih OM,
    I joined this list to learn what people think about Advaita and learn
about Advaita. This may not be the right path to learn Advaita but such
fora certainly help in improving one's knowledge. But I feel bad when I
see an argument not pertaining to Advaita at all. I am referring to the
argument between Sri Jaldhar Vyas and Sri Ramakrishnan. They can have
their arguments but they( the arguments) need not be on this list. Both
of them know each other's e-mail addresses and this list need not be a
forum for such a dispute.
               I request the administrator to note such incidents on the
list and not allow such things in the future again.
               BTW my name is Raghavendra and this is my first posting on
this list. I am a Smarta Brahmin by birth and I live in Bangalore. I am
working as a software engineer. I got to know of this list after I
searched on the Web. I know a bit of Sanskrit and have read some small
works on Advaita.
               If I have irritated some people by this non-related mail,
I apologise.


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