Being right vs. Being

Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Wed Mar 5 08:39:33 CST 1997

     Just a few words about the continuing hassles between Jaldhar and
Ramakrishnan.  How ironic!  Here we have dueling non-dualists!

     The Self fully embraces both of their positions/beliefs, etc. and
doesn't  really "care" about who's right or wrong.  All polarities vanish
instantly in the stark brilliance of the undifferentiated Self.

     Can we rise above wanting to be "right,"
                         from needing to be "understood"
                               from insisting on having the "last word?"

     Can we disagree with each other without becoming disagreeable?

     The differences that show up in life don't hassle us as much as the
attachment that we have to our interpretation of those differences.

     All of it is ego-based.  After a while, it's almost like watching two
people who are staunchly arguing about which one of them is the most humble.

      The more they argue, the less humble they become.

      We need to be willing to be ANYWHERE on any spectrum....from the
sublime to the ridiculous.  The Self is "playing" us like a kind of cosmic
song.  We just have to avoid getting attached to (or defensive about)
certain notes.

      A song is played, first, by getting on the keys....and then by getting
OFF them.
     And moving on.

                                  With Blessings,

                                       Chuck Hillig

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Very nice.  Thank you for putting it so nicely and in perspective.

Sanjivendra Nath


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