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On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, Raghavendra wrote:

> Harih OM,
>     I joined this list to learn what people think about Advaita and learn
> about Advaita. This may not be the right path to learn Advaita but such
> fora certainly help in improving one's knowledge.

They certainly can.  I'm sure you will enjoy this list.

> But I feel bad when I
> see an argument not pertaining to Advaita at all. I am referring to the
> argument between Sri Jaldhar Vyas and Sri Ramakrishnan. They can have
> their arguments but they( the arguments) need not be on this list. Both
> of them know each other's e-mail addresses and this list need not be a
> forum for such a dispute.

I agree.  That's why I suggested the same.  I'll gladly respond, even to
silly provocations but I won't waste other people time with them.

While the specific points that started this thread have been resolved to
my satisfaction something new has come up which has made continuing it
worth a little more than you credit.

As you can see I consider myself as much of a traditionalist as anyone if
not more.  Yet here we have a view which also claims to be based on
tradition yet is different.  And unless one is some sort of radical that's
an issue that affects everyone here.  It would be wrong to simply ignore
it or any other views just because you didn't like them.  You don't
neccessarily have to accept them but you can't pretend they don't exist.
You have to explore them and compare them with your own.

>                If I have irritated some people by this non-related mail,
> I apologise.

You needn't apologize to anyone for speaking your mind.  And if you don't
like a thread, just killfile it and start one of your own.  After all this
list isn't exactly drowning in posts and I for one would love to hear some
new voices and questions

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A blessed Shivaratri to everyone!
Om namaH Shivaaya.


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