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On Sun, 9 Mar 1997, Srinivas Sista wrote:

> Consider the case where I have a book or an article and somebody wants to
> copy it. Do I debate with that person why he or she wants to copy or what
> they are going to do with that copy? Does my lending it out mean that I am
> agreeing for further misery? What the other person does with the copy (makes
> further copies, worships it, burns it ...etc) is absolutely of no concern to
> me. I may not even care to identify with my book (but that is another issue
> altogether :-)). I fail to see how there can be any attachment to the copy,
> which rules out any karmic consequences.

I'd have to agree.  From what I've read of the cloning process, I don't
see how this is any different from donating blood or even a kidney.  If
the person you donate blood to goes off and commits crimes you can hardly
be held responsible can you?  In this case you have donated a whole body.
The personality in that body will have no more relation to you than any
other random one.  If you choose to raise the clone it may have some
feelings for you much as a son or daughter would (and if you reciprocate
you would also then have the obligations of a father or mother) but you
could just as easily choose not to without any moral qualms.

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