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Giri gmadras at ENGR.UCDAVIS.EDU
Fri Mar 21 15:29:12 CST 1997


        The following is a great site which has bhajans, stotras,
on various Gods including Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti, etc.
(including audio clips)


        I thought this might be relevant to the advaita list since
many of us do pujas on a regular basis. If you are interested in adding
to the collection, in any way you can, please see below.

aum shaanti.

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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 16:04:43 -0500
From: Shree <shree at usa.net>


Currently I am working on collecting all the chanting bhajans as well as
devotional songs. The bhajan collection will be available both in
transliterated form as well as devanaagarii output using ITRANS, when it
is completed.

I would like to receive any bhajans that you might have as part of the
temple or group or other activities. It they are already ITRANS encoded,
you could send them via email to shree at usa.net OR you could email, mail
or fax them, as per your convenience, to the address given below.

I have a site on puja and bhajans (audio files) which you might like to
visit. Please browse the pages when you have some time. You can reach it
from http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/8891/
If you have any suggestions to improve them, please let me know.

I plan to finish the collection in about a month's time. The files will
then be available as transliterated text files, devanagarii postscript
files or gif files on-line or in hard-copy for those who do not have
access to the net. Time permitting, we may also create browseable web
pages with them.  We hope the Bhajan collection will be of benefit to
devotees all over the world.

We would also like to setup a utility so that people could choose the
bhajans they want and create personalized bhajan books or handouts for
group singing. We need assistance in writing scripts for the handout
creation project and if any volunteers from your organization can help
us, please ask them to contact me.

dhanyavaad !

Yours sincerely,

  Shree Devi Kumar
  637 Audubon Avenue,
  Pittsburgh PA 15228
  Fax: (412) 279-9744 Attn: Shree
  E-mail: shree at usa.net
  Web: http://members.tripod.com/~satsang

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