The Journey

Venkat Puntambekar venkatp at SYNOPSYS.COM
Mon Mar 24 12:19:17 CST 1997

Namaste Dennis: Yes, it was good to read your introduction and your answer to
the question of journey. Your introduction was interesting and quite compact.
the way you write. I am very glad you have chosen to contribute your opinions
to this list. I will post my introduction today and let me know when you receive
it. It is quite interesting that I was jsut asking myself this question
and today, if Atman is does not die, then what is that which re-incarnates?

I do not know much about Giri's introduction. I will check with him and ask
him if its in the archives. I just happened to write to him from him web site
email address. He is also very patient, just like you, and encourages questions.
Have you had a chance to read his thoughts on his web site?

I myself do not know much about ITRANS. There is some info. in this web site,
maintained by Vidyashanker, who actually started advaita mailing list. That
site is at I myself have not spent much
time on it.  I am sure you will find this advaita vedanta home page quite


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