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There is a tamizh version of the raamaayaNa composed by a great poet
called kamban. He took liberties (poetic freedom!) in certain places
of the raamaayaNa, but his composition remains more or less true to
the original (perhaps Ravi can shed more light on this). SrI
vaishNava-s in tamizhnaadu respect this work a lot. And of course,
being a tamizh literary work of great excellence, the tamizhnaadu
government supports and promotes it too ;-)

SrI vedaanta desikan (one of the great aacaaryaa-s in SrI
vaishNava sampradaayam) composed SrI raghu vIra gadyam - not a
voluminous poetic work on raamaayaNa, but a shloka in the gadyam
format. This contains the essence of raamaayaNa, and each line is
rich in meanings and teachings. Of course one has to learn this
shloka properly from an aacaarya (I have not done this - yet). I
have a tape recording of my grandmother reciting it with my aunts,
which she kindly recorded for me despite keeping poor health, and it
is wonderful to listen to and meditate on.


On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Anand Hudli wrote:
> >  || shrI gaNeshAya namaH ||

> >
> >  of versions of the saga of rAma that is the rAmAyaNa, with the
> >  rAmAyaNa of Vaalmiiki being considered the most authentic. For
> >  those with a philosophical/spiritual bent of mind, the adhyaatma
> >  rAmAyaNa, said to be occurring in the BrahmANDa purANa, is generally
> >  the preferred choice, especially in Northern India, where the
> >  rAmAyaNa of Tulsidas is also extremely popular.

> There are some other interesting versions of the Ramayana.  There is a
> Jain Ramayana which follows most of the main details except after coming
> home from Lanka, Shri Rama becomes a Jain Monk!  The Dasharathi Jataka is
> supposed to contain a Buddhist rendition of the story (with no doubt a
> Buddhist conclusion.)


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