shrI rAma navami

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Thu Apr 2 09:17:48 CST 1998


As shrI rAma navami is approaching, it will be nice if we can focus
our discussion on shrI rAmachandramUrti. I would like to know which
part of shrI rAma's life impressed and increased your devotion towards

In tamizh there is a beautiful song by kaNNadAsan on shrI rAma
[of course for a movie, where its devotional content is abused]. In
that he wonders at different facets of rAma's life (rAman eththanai

The part which dramatically showed shrI rAma's righteousness and mercy
is when rAvaNa is completely disarmed and stands in the battle field.
Lord asks him go home and come back with a renewed vigor and with more
arms ( may be the 20 he had was not enough ;-)), in tamizh inRu pOy
nAlai vA!

Think of this, here is one's enemy, who has unrighteously caused so
much harm and trouble.  Who will let go the first opportunity to get
rid of such a one.  A normal human being, if his wife is kidnapped and
tortured, will use first opportunity to destroy the enemy.

Here the Lord asks hims go and respects the yuddha dharma.  At every
face of life, shrI rAma acts and upholds dharma.  May HE bless us all
with the same inner strength to do so.


rAma nAmamE nAmamAyiram

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