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Anand Hudli anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 2 14:32:53 CST 1998

 Ram Chandran wrote:
>Greetings Ravi:

>I also prefere silence to a daring display of ignorance!
>I have decided to quit this forum so that there will be lesser needs
>use the D Key!
>Hari Om!

 I do not see why it is necessary for anyone to quit the list
 on the basis of what Ravi wrote. Also, as Jaldhar posted, there
 has been no attempt nor should there be an attempt to stifle
 anybody's voice here. I see the list has a large number of
 healthy discussions. Personally, I do not see such discussions
 as being harmful. In any forum for discussion, it is but natural
 for people to agree or disagree with each other. But disagreement
 should not be construed as unacceptance of any particular person
 in the list.

 Since the list was originally intended to be a discussion forum
 for advaita, it should be used for such discussions. Other topics
 may of course be discussed to the extent they are relevant to
 advaita or Vedas/Vedanta.
 I think this is what Ravi's point is and I think it is
 reasonable, especially after considering that there are already many
 forums out there that discuss Buddhism and other philosophies.
 I interpreted him as asking everyone to focus on advaita and
 related topics rather than asking any particular person to leave.
 So I hope that you reconsider your decision.


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