My Thanks

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Fri Apr 3 15:48:47 CST 1998

Dear Ravi,

First let me thank you for allowing me to be a part of this list for
more than a year now. When I initially joined this list I knew nothing
and was an atheist. Today atleast I'm aware of my ignorance. This I owe
to the patient replies to all my silly and even affronting questions,
from Vidya, GMurthy, Anand, Ram Chandran, Jaladhar, Sadananda and
others. I'm deeply indebted to them for guiding me in the right

In your mail you'd twice indicated that I should sign off from the list.
Inspite of this I would've swallowed my ego (which is what I'm finally
aiming at anyway :-) and stayed on, just to be in the company of all the
August souls mentioned above. But when Ram Chandran is quitting the list
and taking a stand that I should rightfully take, it doesn't make sense
for me to remain as a member anymore. I'll  immediately sign off.

My thanks once again to every participant on the list, for helping me


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