ADMIN: Apologies

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Sat Apr 4 12:33:04 CST 1998

Dear List Members,

I am sorry for the interruption of normal course of the list
interaction. I will keep it to the minimum as possible.  I will also
give the subject heading clear so that members will know  that is
written from ADMIN stand point.

I did not mean to hurt the ego of shrI Chandran. I am sorry for that.

In the past, out of ignorance, I might of written something
non-vedantic. I apologize for that.  I request that may we all stick
to advaita-vedanta, as rigorously and as orthodoxly possible.  This is
my sincere request.  I have no animosity towards the followers of shrI
gautama buddha. This list not for converting them or proving them they
are wrong. Let them follow what they want. This list was created only
for the purpose of discussing shankara's advaita-vedanta. But I would
like request the members to not to discuss buddhism. In fact I am
afraid, that I might have said and discussed about it in the past. If
so, I apologize for my ignorance.  Even if I had erred in the past,
that is no reason for that to continue. This list is for and about the
advaita-vedanta taught by shankara.

When our stage of development is like a the flame of a lamp, it is
very important to keep away for turbulent wind of atheists,  and
doubters. If not that the flame will die out. When it is like a strong
forest fire, even the worst winds will aid and not kill the growth of
the fire.  This List is for learning advaita-vedanta. Even if one does
not know it is OK, but the desire should be clear. This is not a test
ground to compare and evaluate other philosophies.

May the Lord shrIman nArAyANA forgive me for causing disharmony in the
mind of respectable list members in the past few days. I realize the
need of improving my management skills.

I will soon compile a list FAQ and try to post it on a regular basis.

With respects,

AUM namo nArAyANAya

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