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shrI Ram Chandran wanted this to be forwarded to the list, as I
referred to a line in this post.  I am posting this in the ADMIN

As far as the LIST is concerned, advaita-vedanta is only what shankara
taught and established, this view is cannot be altered.  Personally, I
would like to remain silent on this issue. I have already said what I
wanted to say.

With respects,

AUM namo nArAyaNAya

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Anand Hudli <anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM> writes:

Greetings Anand, Ravi and Govind:

I always enjoy and admire your wisdom and scholarship.   Every action
comes along with an instantaneous reaction and we are just the witnesses
to those events.  I believe that I have no control over what Ravi could
write nor I have control over the reactions from my writings!   The
seers and sages did not put limitations to the discussants and the
discussions.  Their messages are eternal and beyond the narrowly defined
religious notions.   Their perspective was  not by the intellectual
notion of  Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, etc.,   Inclusion of new
ideas and open expression of viewpoints are an integral part of our
tradition.  Other religious forums may follow strict rules and
regulations to limit free expressions.  We don't want to limit our
vision like the "frog in the well" and we want to explore like the
"frog in the ocean."  Our goal is to reach the "limitless" and we have
no reasons to imitate others and bond us with the limitations.

Advaita relates to "everything,"  "everyone" and "every-topic."  When we
attempt to define "Advaita," subject to our own preferences and
prejudices, we limit the limitless and bind the boundless!  This does
not necessarily mean that we should have guidelines.  The sole objective
for the guidelines is to promote positive messages, curtail negative and
meaningless debates and avoid foul languages.  I suggest the list owner
to appoint a group of dedicated volunteers to read all the messages
without using the "D" key.  When inappropriate messages or debates
continue, they can send feedback to Ravi and Ravi should send polite
warnings to the responsible discussants privately.   Ravi has mentioned
the names of  Vidyasankar, Anand, Sadananda and Jaladhar and he should
also include himself  and Govind.   Ravi preferably should consult his
group members before sending the warning message to the offender.  I
believe such an arrangement has the potential to  keep the free-forum
without diluting the principles.  My suggestion will require some
sacrifices of personal time from a dedicated group of members,  but this
may become necessary to keep the forum to meet its objectives!  I also
suggest Ravi to ask the list members for their opinion and  suggestions.

Finally, it is a privilege to be a member of the Advaita list.  Let me
take this opportunity to thank the list owner for permitting me to
express my viewpoints.  Learning is the project of life with no
beginning or end.  When determine to learn, we can learn from good and
bad messages and lessons. They teach us the value of "being good" and
the pitfalls of "being bad."   The message of quitting is an involuntary
action beyond ^Ñmy' control and ^ÑI' am still contemplating the identity
of the ^ÑQuitter'!

Ram V. Chandran

Note to Govind:  I am going to leave it to you and Ravi whether you
think it is necessary to post it in the Advaita-L.  Let me thank you and
Ravi for your dedicated service for a noble cause.

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