advaita-l scope

Raju100 Raju100 at AOL.COM
Sun Apr 5 08:49:48 CDT 1998

Thank you Murthy Guru, for posting the post on above subject. Although I am
one of the Srota (listener) . I feel very fortunate to find this list. It
makes me feel like I am sitting with wise Gurus & Saints in Pashupati Nath
Temple in Nepal. Which I had missed that very much.
Every time , I get to read from you folks I get thrilled, Specially Ram
Chandran, Vidya, Nandan , Jaldhar, Mantralaura, Nagi all of you, I am sorry I
have missed hearing from Miguel. He gave me a wonderfull gift of introducing
Nisargadatta Maharaj.
O, All I am trying to say is You are my Gurus, I am greatfull to the List &
all of your time. I not only read what you post , but also I share with my
friends of your fine articles.
I hope this will continue remaining helpfull & blessing to some one like me.
Raju K. Chhatry

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