Buddha - a nAstika?

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Sun Apr 5 17:26:02 CDT 1998


What you said about the advaita guru paramapara is correct. It starts
before shankara. Anand posted a nice article on this along with
toTakAshhTakam long back.

I know that shrImad bhagavadam (at least the copies I have seen)
refers to Buddha as one of the avatars. I dont know about vishhNu
puranam. I have read only a tamil translation of it long back when I
was in eighth standard. I dont  remember a great deal of it. That is
why I added "even if". I may be wrong on this, but I still wonder
whether shrIman nArAyaNA, who establishes dharma time and again, will
come in to confuse the masses. Does shankara quote the portion which
refers to buddha?


sharaNAgata rakshakI nivEyani
sadA ninnu nammiti mInAkshI

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