kalyANa shaila nilayA

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This is the fourth name of shrI lalitA trishatI.

SHE abides in kalyANa shaila. shaila is a form of shila or stone - meaning
solidified form. So kalyANa shaila meanes bliss or happiness solidified;
Since SHE is established in HER own form which is Ananda ghaNa. SHE is
named kalyANa shaila nilayA

sa bhagavaH kasmin pratiShTitA iti sve mahimni Ch.U. 7-24

Where is that GOD established? In HIS own greatness! There is a well known
proposition "devadatta is in his own self". Hence it is proper to state
that the deity is established in HER own form kalyANa shaila.

kalyANa shaila also means Anandamaya kosha. SHE has HER abode in kalyAna
shaila or Anandamaya kosha, according to brahmapuchchhaM pratiShTA,
brahman is established in tail (*) Tai-U.

kalyANa shaila means mahAmeru. SHE dwells there. That SHE is in the middle
peak sumeru.

Footnote (*)  If the jIvA who enjoys is compared to a bird, his joy of
seeing dear ones, called priya is compared to the bird's head. moda and
pramoda are compared to both its wings. Bliss or Ananda, i.e., Atman is
compared to its centre. Just as tail underneath supports the
bird brahman supports this blissful bird, hence is named its tail.

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