Author of pa~nchadashii

Sun Apr 5 17:40:08 CDT 1998

sarvebhyo namaH,
  A very knowledgeable friend of mine finally
returned from India and has graciously taken
the time to research information I requested
regarding shrii vidyaaraNya svaamin, Head of
the Shringeri Math in the late 1300's A.D.
Here is the information he sent:

>        Chowkhamba Vidyabhavan, Post Box 69
>Varanasi India has published one of Madhavacharya's
>book "sarvadarshanasa.ngraha," in Hindi. Madha-
>vacharya, later accepted a new name, "vidyaaranya."
>Madhavacharya was working as a Prime Minister in
>the Vijayanagar Hindu empire around 1355. Madhavacharya
>was an elder brother of famous "saayaNaachaarya,".
>Madhavacharya was a Brahmin following "yajurveda,"
>and had accepted Budddhist sutra as a source of
>        When Bukka reign came to an end and his
>empire collapsed, for whatever reasons, Madhavacharya
>renounced his worldly affairs, around 1379, and
>became a "sanyaasii," a hermit. After becoming a
>sanyasi, he changed his name, part of the process,
>and became chief of the "shR^ingerii," sanctuary.
>He was said to be 90 when he died. Apart from his
>book, "pa.nchadashii," he wrote many more, including
>but not limited to "vaiyaasika-nyaayamaalaa."

  Some other publications by shrii vidyaaraNya
svaamin are:  dR^ik-dR^ishya-viveka, sarvadarshana
saMgraha, shrii sha.nkara-digvijaya, jiivanmukti
viveka, anubhuuti prakaasha, upaniShad diipikaa,
vivaraNa-prameyasaMgraha, and a few other works.
  I will be quoting more from pa~nchadashii and
wanted everyone to know that this work is a very
highly respected prakaaraNa book following the
tradition of shrii Adi sha.nkara and Advaita
Vedanta teaching.

OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH


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