5. kamanIyA

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5. kamanIyA

This is the fifth name of shrI lalitAtrishatI.

SHE is most endearing. Since  SHE is of the form of ultimate bliss,
SHE is the dearest. kohyevanyA tkaH prAnyAt yadeshha AkAsha Anando na syAt
(Ta -U 2-7-1), without this AkAsha which is bliss who lives with his vital
breath? Since bliss is pleasing it is desired by all. Similarly, SHE is
kamanIyA because SHE grants appropriate rewards to worshippers, who
enveloped in mAyA, offer worship with love and devotion, to deities dear
to their heart; or SHE is dear to jnAninaH or sages because SHE has the
beautiful form of solidified bliss.

AUM kamanIyAyai namaH

>From a translation of shankara's lalitA trishati  bhAshhya

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Dear Ravi:

I just want to inform the members of the list that I fully respect the
decision of Ravi regarding the objectives and purpose of the Advaita-L
list.  He has set up high goals for the discussion topics to enrich the
Advaitic tradition of Shri Shankara.  I and my good friend Shri
Sadananda do not question his goals or mission.  Both of us are active
members of Chinmaya Mission Virginia Chapter and we conduct our Sunday
discussions with a similar theme.   The vision of Swami Chinmayananda is
to spread the vision and mission of Adi Shankara.  I am coming from a
"Smartha" family (A South-Indian subgroup) Shri Shankara is our
KulaGuru  and we worship him as a deity at home.

Ravi and I  had several private correspondences and I fully understand
his intentions and the reasons behind his stand.  We the list members
should sincerely try to focus our discussions on Shankara's Advaita.
Ravi's responsible response appears to recognize the human limitations
in meeting strict guidelines.

Let me express my sincere thanks to Ravi for his dedication and
determination to spread the Advaitic tradition of Shri Shankara.  He is
under tremendous work pressure along  with the responsibility of
completing the  Ph. D. dissertation.  In spite of this heavy work load,
he dedicates his personal time to maintain this list of more than 70
members.   This is an expression of  the true spirit of Karma Yoga.
Speaking for the list members, I want to congratulate Ravi for a
well-managed list and I wish him splendid success in completing his
Ph.D. dissertation.

with love and regards,

Ram V. Chandran
Agricultural Economist
Suite 2071, 1800 M Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20036-5831
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