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Anand Hudli worte:
> point is that Chinmaya mission does not adopt anything from
>Buddhism. Sadananda, please correct me if I am wrong. My impression
>of the other neo-adviata schools are also similar, although I do not
>know much about Nisargadatta. So the conclusion is none of the
>advaita schools, whether it is Shankara's or the new schools, do not
>care much for Buddhism. Why should the list?

Anand - I donot consider nor Chinmaya Mission considers that it is a
neo-advaitic school.  As Ram Chandran pointed out that what is taught is
mostly Shankara Bhaashya.  We do take up the texts - Prakarana Granthaas-
Upadesha saara and Sad darshan of Ramana Maharshi, Advaita Makaranda of
Lakshmidhara kavi, Vedanta Saara of Sadananda,  etc for in depth study. In
the Brahmachari training course (2 and half years) that is offered which
Swami Tejomayanandaji himself was a student and was a teacher too later,
all Bashyaas are taken and analyzed systamatically.

If one reads my posting carefully, I am not disregarding nor disrespecting
Shankara's contribution to Advaita.  In fact in all my postings, I
profusely quoted - slokas from Vivekachoodamani or Atma Bhodha or dRik
dRisya viveka or Bhagagovindam - all Shankara's texts to give the
authenticity to the arguments I was making.  So definitely neither Chinmaya
Mission nor I  as individual think less of Bhagavan Shankara.

My point is two fold - Advaita is the very essence of Vedanta and not
creation of Shankara that is what Shankara own commentary reflects starting
from Brahma sutra.  Every discussion in Vedanta is followed by Purva paksha
and siddhanta. That is the spirit of Indian culture. We are grateful to Adi
Shankara for systematizing and synthesizing the scriptures so clearly for
everyone to grasp.

I have nothing do with the question of Buddha or Buddhism should be
discussed in this list or not. I generally do not take part in those
discussions since I donot know about those philosophies, nor the
discussions appel to my interest.  At this stage in my life, my vision and
purpose is clear and I have no motivation to learn other philosophies,
since I found what I want to know.  But in my earlier days,  I have
questioned everything.  My father has written volumes of books on Vedanta
Deshiskas Rahasyatraya Saara which am I still busy trying to get them
published - not because I am keenly interested in that philosophy, but
others who are interested should get the benefit out of that enormous
research that he has done. -  In my case, even though my father did not
think so, it is my good fortune that I found a teacher that could guide me
in the direction I want.  But remember, I could reach this state only by
being open and question every step without getting bogged down by
traditions and upbringings.

As I see in the list, unlike other discussion groups, there is no
missionary Zeal to propagate some philosophy or practice.  My point is
Advaita does not need that since it can establish on its own merit since it
is the truth.

My point is only limiting intellectual discussions would weaken the list
rather than strengthen it.  Rejecting a posting privately is wrong, on the
grounds that  it does not fit in the perceived Sankara Advaita -  such
course of action is subjective and prejudicial in the long run.  Rejecting
should be done if it is insulting to others or demeaning to others.  There
is no place in this list nor any list.

Statistics cannot determine how much one should discuss on a topic.  If
that is the topic of interest to the audience then that automatically set
the priority.  Those non-interested ones can bring another topic of their
interest.  The burden squarely rests on those who are standing on the side.

Ravi - there is no question of hurting my feelings.  I have to bring what I
think is right and you have brought what you thought is right. That should
be the spirit.  That is the purpose of these discussions.  Everyone
acknowledges the beautiful work you are doing and we all wish you success
in your endeavors.
That does not mean I agree with you, neither you have to agree with me.
Differences and distinctions are the beauty in the nature and one should
relish these as part of the life, of course without loosing sight of the
essence of life - The advaita that which is beyond all these differences
and distinctions. - And that exactly is my point even in other discussions

With that I go back into my silence on this topic, since I have made my point.

Hari Om!

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