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Wed Apr 8 12:52:05 CDT 1998

>I am from Madurai and I wanted to say something but I can't because >my
>hands are tied!  The topic of discussion does not fall within the
>of Advaita-List, as specified by Ravi in his postings on
>ADMIN:Apologies.  This is a useful article for me and for many other
>readers in this list but with the new regulations such postings
>the guidelines of this list. I couldn't find any word close to >Sankara
>or Advaita in your article.  This posting raises lots of questions on
>the scope of topics for this list.  If we accept this article and
>an article on Buddha, we become morally corrupt. Someone can point >out
>that we are a group of narrow-minded folks discriminating over some
>group of people in the list.  Of course, we are not some >narrow-minded
>people. Then we better understand the implications of narrowing down
>scope of topics for the listing.   I am glad to see your posting, >like
>your posting, want to add some additional points but I can't! My >hands
>are tied!

 You are wrong on several counts here! The very first verse that I
 have given in the article on Rameswaram is from the Dvaadasha linga
 stotra attributed to Shankara, according to at least two texts that
 I have looked at. That should take care of your (not Ravi's I am
 sure) restriction that every article should be about Shankara or
 advaita. I have been writing and translating verses from the same
 stotra for the past many months now. If you look at the first in
 the series (in the archives) you will see that I have made a
 reference to Shankara there.

 Even if the article were just about bhakti, without any reference to
 Shankara or advaita, it should still be within the scope the list.
 Ravi has stated clearly in one of his recent posts the fact that
 bhakti is a part of Shankara's tradition. Shankara himself and
 many of the teachers in his line have composed hymns filled with
 bhakti. So any article that is about bhakti is acceptable.

 I request everyone (including you) to desist from resorting to
 absurdity in dealing with this issue of scope of the list. The scope
 of the list is broad enough, accommodating all advaita traditions,
 not just Shankara's. So I don't see why anyone must make a mockery
 of this and depict this as being  narrow minded. This would be
 an insult to not only Shankara but also other leaders like
 Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, and Chinmayananda. As
 has been stated by Ravi, Buddhism does not deserve a place here
 on the list, nor does any foreign doctrine.  Far from becoming
 narrow minded as you have depicted, this will give the list a
 proper focus which is so essential for anybody to benefit from
 the list. As I have said before, Budddhism and other doctrines
 have enough coverage in other forums on the Internet.
 This is not to say that we have had no discussions about Buddhism so
 far. Enough is enough and I hope everyone realizes that and uses
 his/her best judgement.


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