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Sat Apr 11 11:14:34 CDT 1998

Dear Sir,

I agree strongly by your stand.

Infact I was also a member of the Dvaita list earlier.
Then it so happened I had to criticise some statements of Mr. Manish Tandon,
who maintains that list. Mr. Manish Tandon therefore went to the extent
of removing my name from the list.

I also do not consider that act as wrong, since each forum hasits own
goals and objectives.

Therefore I request members in the list not to take too much of the matter.
As said by Mr. Ravi there is obviuosly lots and lots of thinks to be
discussed within the purview of the list regulations.

Hari Om,

On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, Ravi Mayavaram wrote:

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>   namaskAram
>   bhakti is integral part of advaita vedanta tradition. I was surprised by
>   the mail by shrI Ram Chandran. shrI shankara himself wrote many many works
>   promoting bhakti. Even if the work is not by shrI shankara, or other
>   shankaracharyas, as long as they promote bhakti and are not offensive to
>   advaita vedantic tradition, they should be welcome.  As far as the scope
>   of the List, I have made it very clear.  There is so much freedom to
>   discuss useful things within the scope of the list itself. To press on the
>   issue that anything and everything should be discussed is unreasonable. It
>   is not a question of freedom of speech. We have a specific goal here, we
>   should try to focus on it.  I am sure shrI Ram Chandran would have read
>   the works published by kAnchi maTham, being from Tamil Nadu, both in Tamil
>   and English, especially works like Deyvaththin Kural (collected volume of
>   kAnchi periyavA's talks and writings, 5 volumes) promote bhakti so much. I
>   am very surprised, how shrI Ram Chandran, with so much learning and
>   experience, doubt about its relevance to the List.
>   I fully agree with shrI Anand on this issue.  I am  grateful to shrI
>   Anand for writing very very useful articles promoting bhakti here  on the
>   List and elsewhere. I request him to continue this great work. In
>   addition,  I request others also to contribute towards this effort.
>   Please do not worry about the scope issue. I will take care it through
>   private correspondence, if things get out of hand. If you are offended by
>   any posts, please write to me, I will try to resolve the issue. I think I
>   have made things clear through the List Policy post. If you still have
>   problems about the scope, please write to me, before writing to the list.
>   I sincerely aplogize for my poor management skills in the past. It is a
>   learning process for me. I will try to handle issues  about scope and
>   offensive posts through private correspondence. I will post the List
>   policy and also create a small FAQ about the list and post it  to the
>   list on regular basis.
>   I thank all the members who responded in private and on the list on the
>   scope issue.
>   with love and respects,
>   Ravi
>   mInalochani pAshamochani
>   Note: I dont like to write a mail to the list, with ADMIN as a subject
>   all the time. That is why I did not include that in this post.

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