10. kadambakAnanAvAsA

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Sat Apr 11 12:59:13 CDT 1998


It has another meaning also. The city Madurai, was created by clearing
the forest called kadamba vanam, according to the direction of Lord
Shiva, who manifested as a svayambu lingam in the forest.
tiruviLaiyADal purANam describes it. The term kadamba vanavasini,
refers to shrI mInAkShI. I learnt this subtle point first from the
commentary on "devI mInanEtri" by Dr. V. Sadagopan, a great scholar,
who was kind enough to mail the article to me (it is in tamizh).
Later, I learnt it in detail from the purANam.

shrI shankara does not go on every name in great detail. He highlights
the  names, which sheds a great light and makes the reader understand
it from vedantic standpoint and he beautifully steers clear off the
tantric definitions often used by shAktAs.


AUM mInAkShI devyai namaH

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