13. kandarpajanakApAngavIkShaNA

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13. kandarpajanakApAngavIkShaNA

(kandarpa janaka apAnga vIkShaNa)

HER side glances produces sentiments of manmatha or love.
apAnga vIkShaNa means side glance. This name suggest that HER mere
glance of even ugly and dull persons, richly endows, them with power,
youth, and beauty like manmatha.

kandarpa janaka means shrIman nArAyaNa. At the mere movement of HER
eye brows i.e., glance, mahAviShNu performs his duties such as the
preservation of the worlds, at HER behest.

kandarpa janakA means mahAlakShmI; paradevata by a look from the
corner of HER eyes, orders mahAlakShmI to do HER work; or kandarpa
janaka means objects which promote erotic sentiment, such as perfumes,
sandal paste, etc. These enjoyable things are conferred by a look from
the corner of HER eyes. Or HER left eye is Moon and apAnga vIkShaNa
means moon shine which promotes erotic feeling or by kandarpa janaka,
the lotus is indicated because it is the abode of lakShmI - so the
name means kamalAkShI i.e., HER look enlivens the worlds.

AUM kandarpajanakApangavIkShaNAyai namaH

>From shrI shankara's
lalita trishatI bhAShyam

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