18. karmAdisAkShiNI

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18. karmAdisAkShiNI

Witness of things such as karma - SHE is uninvolved witness to actions
such as upAsana, yoga, shravaNa, manana, nididhyAsa. sAkShi chetaH
(svetAshvataropaniShad) - Witness and awareness; Or SHE being
uninvolved witness, does not depend on agencies, such as action based
on jIva - for the creation of jagat, but only on the vision of

seyam deva taikShyata - According to the above shruti, jagat was
created by vision of the Self.

AUM karmAdisakShiNyai namaH
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Can someone post some information on the Ten Monastic Orders started by
Shankara? Information on the whereabouts, purpose, function, duties,
activities, rules and regulations of the Orders would be welcome. Also
the relation of the Shankara Maths to the Orders.

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