19. kArayitrI

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Wed Apr 15 21:38:40 CDT 1998

19. kArayitrI

SHE is the commanding power; Certain terminations of words li"n, loT
and tavya, function to indicate a mandate. These denote prescribed
deeds which are to have certain future results. As these mandates are
mere words, they are inert and cannot themselves enforce their
meaning. Hence, it is stated that SHE, as the presiding awareness of
these words shabdas i.e., Vedas - is their enforcing power. sarve vedA
yatraikam bhavanti. Where (in Atman) all vedas become united.
According to the above shruti, vedas and Atman being one and the same,
by HER own light, SHE illumines the meaning of the vedic texts. As
these authoritative mandates are parts of vedas, they are HER
commands, and as their presiding consciousness SHE enforces their

esha hyeva sAdhu karma kArayati - He alone makes one perform good
actions (kenopaniShad, 3-8).

AUM kArayitrai namaH

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