Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Sat Apr 18 22:31:01 CDT 1998


I agree with Ramakrishnan on this.  You should refer to standard works
on advaita-vedanta  and not on books like "I am That".  I am not
saying anything as it is on such works. But it is not a place you
should look for to find out what advaita-vedanta's view is.

In vivekachUDamaNi, it is clearly said about the importance of human
birth "jantUnAm nara janma durlabham". Human body is very precious and
difficult to attain. When it is said so, there has to be some reason.
Even devas desire the human body, as this field is most suitable for
attaining AtmajnAna.  For your question what will happen to one's
realization if a hammer hits his head, nothing will happen. You need a
vehicle only till you reach the destination, after that it is not
required. In the case of the jIvanamukta, body will carry on till the
action of prarabdham goes on. I sympathize with your questions. I
would like to say that you look for the answers in the right place. My
humble opinion is it is better to keep modern science out of this.

Personally I think looking at something purely from a intellectual
point is dangerous. advaita-vedanta has its other side too. Till  this
day shankaracharyas set an example to others by doing pUja and by
promoting bhakti. Looking at something purely from a intellectual
point of view is like taking a corpse a beautiful lady home, not only
it is useless, you may get scared in the night too! In fact, even
buddhi (intellect) is a jaDa (inert thing).

with respects,

AUM mInAkShI devyai namaH

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