Selections from the ShAkta upaniShads -1 (bahvR^icha)

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Wed Apr 22 13:30:59 CDT 1998

> AUM The devI alone was, in the beginning. She created the egg
> shaped world.

I've a doubt here!

Am I right in my assumption that Devi is used for Brahman here?

By definition Brahman is the Absolute Eternal Being.

Let me explain my argument with an anology :
A flying piece of iron from somewhere wounds me. I apply medicine to the
wound and it heals. Here both the iron and the medicine are causes. By
definition both are transient and are capable of action.

But Brahman is eternal, inefficient and is not suseptible to change.
Since Brahman cannot change, he cannot be a cause. If he cannot be a
cause how can he create the egg shaped world?

Anyway doesn't Shankara define the world of Maya as unexplainable?

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