Selections from the ShAkta upaniShads -1 (bahvR^icha)

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Thu Apr 23 14:44:37 CDT 1998

>It is only admitted by advaita that the universe (world) is an
>transformation of the substratum Brahman, not a real transformation.
With this we negate the reality of the empirical world. OK. But if this
empirical world is an illusion, then what am I who am part of this
empirical world? I'm an illusion too!

>So the universe is a result of the vikShepa shakti of avidyA.
By this am I correct in my understanding that the empirical world that I
experience is a result of my ignorance? But when I myself am an
illusion, what is my ignorance? Wouldn't that be an illusion too?

Again wouldn't that make jnana, sadhana and whatever effort that I might
take towards salvation which are part of my experience, illusions too?

So where's the Reality in all this?

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