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Fri Apr 24 11:00:57 CDT 1998

In the Brahmanas and the Aranyakas there are detailed descriptions of
rituals involving animal sacrifices. Infact the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad
opens up with the horse sacrifice (ashva medha).

S Radhakrishnan interprets this ashva medha as a meditative act where
the individual offers the whole universe as a sacrifice to the Lord. S R
states that in the Upanishads these sacrifices were interpreted

How does Shankara interpret it in his commentary?

BTW, the Purva Mimaamsakaas are supposed to adhere to the karma kanda of
the shruti. How did they interpret these sacrifices? Did they, Kumarilla
Bhatta, Prabhakara and Mandana Misra, indulge in animal sacrifices?

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