Selections from the shAkta upanishads- 2

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> 3) She is the vidyA beginning with "ka" in the ShrIvidyA. This is
>    called the prathama-khaNDa of the shrIvidyA. It consists of
>    the syllables, ka, e, I, la, and hrIM.
> 4) She is the vidyA beginning with "ha" in the ShrIvidyA. This is
>    called the dvitIya-khaNDa. It consists of the syllables ,
>    ha, sa, ka, ha, la, and hrIM.
> 5) She is the vidyA beginning with "sa" in the ShrIvidyA. This,
>     called the tR^itIya-khaNDa, consists of the syllables,
>     sa, ka, la, and hrIM.

This is funny. KadividyA, HadiviyA and SadividyA are otherwise the names of
three different versions of the entire ShrIvidya mantra, the version
consisting of the the three khaNDas given above is the KadividyA. The
HadividyA is the Lopamudra version, which has three khaNDas, the first
khaNDa starting with 'ha' and sadividyA is a verson with three khaNDas, of
which the first khaNDa starts with 'sa'.

Greetings and Om

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Dear Ravi and all friends on the Advaita List,

I have joined the list only a few days back and amd learning from all
your postings. May I introduce myself....

My name  is Kamal Kothari. I am 42 years, married, one child Rahul 12
years. My wife Priti  is also a student of Vedanta. My wife and I were
introduced to Vedanta teachings by Smt. Jaya Row, a disciple of Swami
Parthasarathy, who runs an academy at Lonavala near Bombay. We attend
weekly lectures on Vedanta conducted by Smt. Jaya Row. I am a student of
Smt. Jaya Row and have taken up a sincere and serious study of the
Bhagavad Gita and related texts. Under her guidance, the Group has just
completed the Bhagavad Gita and we then took up study of the great sage
Sankara's "Bhaja Govindam" and now are studying the wonderful
"Atmabodha". We are on the 7th verse presently. As a daily study I read
the book "Vedanta Treatise" by Swami Parthasarathy every morning from
4.30 to 6.00 a.m. It is a lovely treatise on Vedanta, very systematic
and I would recommend it to all of you as well. It is Bhagavad Gita,
Upanishads, Sankara and Rama Tirtha all rolled into one. There cannot be
a more scientific study of Advaita Vedanta than this. I am not saying
this because I am a student of this text but you will agree with me if
you go through the text.

I have had an exposure to Vedanta only over the past 2 years and have
benifited tremendously from it in all spheres of my life. I follow the
practical Vedanta as propounded by the great Sankaracharya and my guru.

Personally, as I understand my composition, I am more inclined to follow
the Karma yoga and Gnana yoga paths and very little of Bhakti yoga. I
find the discussions on various aspects of Vedanta on this list very
useful. Over the next few years I am planning a deep study of all of
Sankaracharya's works and hopefully, 'live' by them. His way of
teaching------loving, caring and the occassional whiplash------is a
fantastic method, probably unrivalled. Any suggestions on my future
study of this great master's works will be deeply appreciated. Having
completed Bhaja Govindam and Atmabodha, which would be the next one that
you suggest? Vivekachudamani??

I am also an ardent admirer and a student of the works of Shakespeare.
My favourites are his Macbeth and Othello.

By profession I am in two businesses. First I am Managing Director of
"Oriental Corporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd.", a company specialising in
syndication of loans to leading corporates mainly in Bombay. We deal
with some of India's blue chip companies. Recently (about 2 years back)
we started a new company "Multinet Infosys Pvt. Ltd." for offering
Internet-related services, which include creating websites, conducting
seminars and offering consultancy for setting up Intranets and other
web-based soulutions. Please visit our site at
for further information.

You may not see many postings from me and I may not be 'visible' on the
list as it were, but read *all* posting everyday in the evening and find
that the discussions are very intellectual and enlightening. Maybe some
day I shall be in a position to "discuss" Sankaracharya's teachings
after I have studied and imbibed them fully.  :)

I must thank Ravi for accepting my request to join this list and look
forward to being around for ever.  If there is any way that I could be
of assistance to any of you, friends, please feel free to e-mail.

Thanks and with warm regards,

Kamal Kothari
Oriental Corporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Tel : +91-22-2831756
E-Mail : kamal at
"Let's teach ourselves that honourable stop, not to outsport discretion"
(Shakespeare in "Othello")

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