Untimely Meditations

f. maiello egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Sat Apr 25 21:37:58 CDT 1998

Parisi & Watson wrote:

>  I'm having problems
> seeing any considerations, any reasoning, or even any experience by a
> living, breathing person that can meaningfully undermine the Western
> view. Right now I have the feeling that Vedanta is slipping through my
> fingers like water.

Moksha undermines the Western view utterly and effortlessly
because it undermines *all* views, including Vedantic.
"Views" are only a means or strategy for arriving at the
Substratum Self or Absolute Being.   Whatever view is adopted,
is likened to a thorn that's used to pluck another thorn out of
the skin, and when the job is done, both are discarded.


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