28. ekAgrachittanirdhyAtA (part 2/2)

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3. prashAntavAhita

In a jIvana mukta state, mind with its form dissapears and this stage
is called prashAntavAhita. It meanas very peaceful and continuous

manaso vR^itti shUnyasya brahmakArataya shtithiH |
asamprajnAtanAmeti samAdhiryoginAm priyam ||

When the mind is functionless and has the form of brahman it results
in the asamprajnAta samAdhi, which is dear to yogis.  "prashAnata
manaso hyenam" [bhagavad gIta] which means one with very peaceful

"prthvyapte joniloke samutyate panchatmake yoga guNe pravR^ittena
tasya rogo na jara na mR^ityuH" [shvetAshavatAropaniShad]- When pancha
bhutas are in harmony, the five attributes of bhutA such as "gandha"
etc will manifest in the yogi, and the fire of yoga will be kindled
and the boody will be full of that fire. To a such yogi, there is no
disease, old age or death. The disciple mentioned above is only the
fruit of the past actions. SHE is meditated uponn by yogis of this
class. Their dhyAna culminates in the state where distinction between
the meditator and the object of meditation is lost. In such a state,
the Self alone shines. According to shruti " brahma veda brahmaiva
bhavati" One who knows brahman becomes brahman.

According to another reading of the name, nidhyAta (not nirdhyAta),
SHE can be realized by intense process of shravaNa, manana and

AUM ekAgrachittanirdhyAtAyai namaH


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