Selections from the ShAkta upaniShads -1 (bahvR^icha)

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Mon Apr 27 14:36:17 CDT 1998

Anand, I think I'm running in circles! I think I'm repeating the same
questions over and over, so this will be my final posting on this

>The "I" with no upAdhi's (limitations) is indeed th Brahman or Atman.

>JIva is the Brahman/Atman with upAdhis.

"I" or Jiva = Brahman + Upadhis

>The jIva however is affected by ignorance.

When you say Jiva is affected by ignorance, how can the Brahman be
excluded or remain unaffected, when it is, after all the core of the

I'm finding it very difficult to express what I'm finding difficult to

Let's split the Jiva into three entities :
1. Conciousness
2. Mind
3. Senses

So what's this conciousness?

Is it the Atman? If it's, then the question arises how can it be
affected by the other two?

If it's not the Atman, then from where did it arise and what's it's
relation to the Atman? And wouldn't this would imply that it's a
seperate entity from the Atman? If so how can an effort towards
understanding this Conciousness lead to the Atman?

>If building a bridge means one can experience both the pAramArthika
>and vyAvahArika levels at the same time
No, a bridge to cross over only! Anyway after Paramartika why would
anybody want to come to the Vyavaharika? :-)

>that the closest one comes to recognizing the real "I" in the
vyAvahArika >reality is when one feels one has experienced deep sleep,
dreamless sleep.
Was it Jonathan who said he's had this experience sometime back?
Probably he can throw more light on this!

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