The Nature of realization

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Wed Apr 29 10:16:29 CDT 1998

Sadananda writes :
>The question of who realizes - can be simply answered as - the one who
>asking the question - Now who is asking the question? The one who
>identifies that I am the questioner that chaitanya (conscious entity)
>who is currently identifying himself with the limited mind realizes
that he
>is no more limited although the particular mind that he has been
>identifying continues to be limited.

If the concious entity is indeed unlimited, indeed the Eternal Absolute
and incapable of change, how can it identify itself with the mind?

If the mind, the senses, the Ego and even the world that you experience
are of the realm of Maya how can you say that your conciousness is apart
from that? The individual Consciousness that you perceive in the realm
of Maya can only exist in the realm of Maya. In the Vyavaharika level
everything is in the realm of Maya. Maya - the all encompassing.

But again when 'one' pierces through the Vyavaharika level, the 'one'
dissolves and attains the Paramartika where there's only one Entity -

So for all practical purposes, at the Vyavaharika level everything is in
the realm of Maya - even the individual Consciousness. Breaking free and
extinguishing all the limitations - the Ego, the mind, the senses and
the individual Conciousness (the end of the rise of the "I" ...) - we
reach Brahman. No "we reach Brahman" is not the right way to put it
because there's no "we" - just the one and only Brahman.

Atleast, that's my understanding at this point. Please rip my argument
to shreds, to enable better understanding :-)

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