29. eShaNArahitAdR^itA

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Wed Apr 29 22:10:26 CDT 1998

29. eShaNArahitAdR^ita

SHE is endearing to the desireless.  "IshaNa" means desire. It is of
three kinds. They are,
1) putrIShaNa - desire for a son to conquer the world,
2) vitteShaNa - desire for wealth to conquer pitR^iloka, by requisite
3) lokeShaNa  - desire to conquer deva loka by means of upasana and
                the like.

Those who do not have these desires are eshaNArahita.
"tehasma putrIShaNAyashcha vitteShanAyashcha lokeShaNAyashcha
vyutthAyAdha bhaikShacharyam charanti" [bR^ihadAraNyakopaniShad].
Those who know brahman, discarding their desires for sons, wealth and
lokas, will live as mendicants.

SHE is devotedly and lovingly worshipped as their own Self by
paramahamsas and sannyasis, who are without desire. By constant
meditation SHE is realized as mokSha or liberation.

AUM eShaNArahitAdR^itAyai namaH

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