Bhakti and Shradda

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Thu Apr 30 18:44:53 CDT 1998



Bhakti and shradda (devotion and sincerety) are very dear to me.

I asked Acharya at Kanchi Peetam what Bhakti is?  He asked one of his diciples
to recite a slokam from sivanandlahari written by Adi Shankara.  The nature of
that divine longing, how it absorbs the whole man, is graphically described in
verse 61.

Bhakti and shradda are pre-requisites for any pursuit.  They both come by
faith and grace.  Generally faith will develop only when one is gratified
materially and spiritually.   Where there is faith, bhakti follows.    The
secret is to keep the faith even if there is no gratification which will lay
the foundation.


Following are my comments on some recent discussions.  If I am wrong please
let me know.

Meditation on self:    I think meditating on self is sort of nirgunopasana
which is very difficult if not impossible.

Advaita teachings, I think are easy to understand when one experiences by
sadhana.   Mere bookish knowledge without sadhana is useless.  My friend sada
once said on this list "Knowledge coupled with experience....."  So True.
Having the knowledge that sugar is sweet is useless unless you taste and
experience the sweetness.

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