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> This lends strong evidence to the view that, as far as Sankara is concerned,
> the traditional exposition of the vedAnta was of advaita prior to him.
> Maybe other members of the list have come across references that support the
> view that dvaita schools also existed before Sankara's time (which does not
> seem implausible, as there is a long, rich and much encouraged history of
> explaining the message of the Veda from different standpoints)

It seems to me that a case can be made that Vishishtadvaita also existed
prior to Shankaracharya.  The other schools of today are much later.  As
well as Bhartraprapancha,  Bhatta Bhaskara was another contemporary
Vedantin whose teachings are now extinct.  And perhaps most importantly
the Mimamsaka Mandana Mishra also wrote on Vedanta (in the Brahmasiddhi.)
Interestingly his brand is also Advaita and diverges on several issues
with Shankaracharya.  However he gave it up when he bacame a disciple of
Shankaracharya so it too is extinct nowadays.

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