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Sri Ravishankar,
Namaste!  This is Vidya Kaushik from Austin.  I wonder if you could post
the following message to the group if you feel it is appropriate.

Namaste to the group members.  This is my first posting to this list.  I
have been following the postings for a few months and I am simply awed
by the collective wealth of knowledge and wisdom that forms the basis of
this group.
I wanted to ask a question about a prAkarana grantha called Drg Drsya
Viveka.  It is an excellent small text that is taught by teachers of the
Chinmaya Mission tradition and by Swami Dayananda at Arsha Vidya
Gurukulam in Saylorsburg PA.  There appears to be some uncertainty as to
the authorship of this text as to whether it is by Sankara or by
Vidyaranya.  I wondered if any of the experts could confirm the
Also, to those living in the Austin area or nearby, the following note
may be of interest to those interested in Sanskrit.  If there are any
reviews of this short course by people on this list who have taken it
before, that would be welcome.  Thx,
>Samskriti thru Samskritam
>The teaching starts with speaking and not with grammar.
>The instructor will speak only in Sanskrit from day one.
>You don't need to memorize any noun or verb tables. Did we do that to
>our mother tongue?  Classes are fun and are conducted through games.
>Knowledge of any Indian language or basic knowledge of Sanskrit
>Follow up Sanskrit Correspondence courses are available
>Date           Batch 1             Batch 2
>Dec 19th, Sat   Combined Session    from 2pm to 5pm
>Dec 20th, Sun   Combined Session    from 2pm  to 5pm
>Dec 21st,Mon        4m to 6pm 7pm  to 9pm
>Dec 22nd, Tue       4pm to 6pm     7pm  to 9pm
>Dec 23rd, Wed       4pm to 6pm     7pm  to 9pm
>Dec 24th,Thurs      4pm to 6pm     7pm  to 9pm
>Dec 25th, Fri  Combined Session    from 10:30am to 1pm
>Location:  Room 4.328, 4th Floor,  The George Kozmetsky Center for
>Education (also called as the College Of Business Administration) -
>University Of Texas, Austin
>Directions: From I-35 take the Martin Luther King exit (MLK) , Head
west on
>MLK towards UT Campus.  Take Right on SpeedWay. Take left on the first
>sign which is 21st Street. The College of Business is on your right and
>there is a large statue in front of the building.  The College of
>is at the intersection of Speedway & 21sto on UT Campus.
>Registration:  $40 per individual    $65 per Family    $20 for Students
>Please Register by Dec15th, 1998 There will be $3 late fee for
>at the door.
>Note: Samskrita Bharati is a 100% volunteer organization and all the
>collected go towards propagation and preservation of Sanskrit. An
>has been made to keep the costs low so that every one can afford this
>opportunity. Any extra donation will be gratefully accepted.
>For More information contact: S.Subrahmanya, 1735 Rutland Drive #132,
>Austin, TX 78758    Tel: 512-836-2178
>Samskrita Bharati       India Development &
>Relief Fund
>-----------<cut here>---------------------<cut
>SPEAK SANSKRIT CLASSES - AUSTIN, TX , USA   Dec 19th - Dec 25th ,1998
>Name:     Email:
>Street address:
>City:                              State:          Zip:      Tel:
>                          Fax:
>Names of  participating  family members: (With email address if
>Would you like to receive email about other Sanskrit related events?
>:               NO:
>Please register early as space is limited.
>Please make check payable to Samskrita Bharati and mail it to:
>S.Subrahmanya, 1735 Rutland Drive #132, Austin, TX 78758    Tel:
>Fees : Individual  $40      Family  $65     Student  $20    Donation:
>   Total Enclosed: ________
>Samskriti thru Samskritam
>Speak Sanskrit classes were started by Shri Krishna Shastry in 1982, as
>experiment to bring back Sanskrit into daily life. This experiment has
>gathered the momentum of a major movement today, with Speak Sanskrit
>classes being held throughout India (and abroad). Innovative teaching
>methods, audio-visual instruction aids and the boundless enthusiasm of
>teachers have provided great impetus to renewed interest  in Sanskrit
>everywhere.  Millions of people have been taught to understand and
>simple conversational Sanskrit.
>Shri. Krishna Shastry: The Man behind the Movement
>"Language learning starts with speaking and not grammar. This is the
>natural way to learn any language", says Krishna Shastry. After
>his `Shastry' degree from Samskrita Mahavidyalaya in Tirupati, Shri
>Shastry, 40, has devoted his life for taking Sanskrit to common people.
>has personally trained thousands of teachers and students, and is a
>of great  inspiration for all students of Sanskrit.
>Shri Vasuvaj:
>Shri Vasuvaj was a Professor of Sanskrit literature in Shree
>University of Samskrit, Kerala.  He is a member of the central team of
>Samskrita Bharati and has contributed immensely to the movement. He has
>conducted more than 300 Speak Sanskrit classes in different parts of
>country (including institutions like the Lok Sabha) and abroad. He has
>written Sanskrit lessons in the weekly Organiser. He is currently a
>full-time volunteer of Samskrita Bharati in USA and will conduct Speak
>Sanskrit classes for these batches.
>Subscribe to Sambhashana Sandeshah
>A unique Sanskrit monthly magazine - simple language, easy to read and
>understand - covers  current events and has stories for children,
>sanskrit crossword puzzles and much more !.
>To subscribe please send a check  for $25 (12 issues)    made to
>Sandeshah  and mail to this address:  Shri Vithal Bhave, 1044 Lancer
>San Jose, CA 95129.
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