163. haaTakAbharaNojjvalA

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Wed Dec 9 13:51:05 CST 1998

163. haaTakAbharaNojjvalA

"haaTaka" means gold, "AbharaNa" means jewels and
"ujjvala" means glittering - SHE glitters with jewels of

"haaTaka" can also mean brahmaa.nDa of which SHE is the
material cause - SHE illuminates the brahmaa.nDa like an
ornament because SHE confers reality to it.

 "haaTakAbharaNa" means gold ornaments which are worn by
married women as a sign of marriage such as
"ma.ngalyasUtra".  SHE is resplendent with a group of such
women around HER.

Or according to "vasura.ntarikShasat.h" - SHE enables all to
live, as air in the sky. "vasu" here means gold, SHE shines
as both cause and effect of "jagat.h" or is in the form of
that wealth.

AUM haaTakAbharaNojjvalAyai namaH

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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