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On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Jay Lakhani wrote:

> Namaste to all
> Let us discuss some aspects of Advaita.

I thought thats what we were doing?

> Let the aim not be logic chopping.
> Let the aim not be history mongering.
> Let the aim not be linguistic gymnastics.

Ok but,

Without logic how will you make any sense of the evidence that Advaita
presents?  How can you correctly choose between contradictory claims?  How
can one discover truth if one isn't even sure what truth is?

Without language what how will you understand what other Advaitins have

Without history how can you understand the circumstances in which Advaita
has come to some conclusions and not others?

All these things are necessary to understand Vedanta properly and I can
assure you no chopping, splitting, or gymnastics are involved.

> To learn Advaita we need to focus on ''One who is established in Advaita''


> Can we discuss the life and teachings of one such contemporary personality?

I suspect you have a particular contemporary personality in mind. :-)

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