Post-Shankaran Vedantins

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Tue Dec 15 19:11:15 CST 1998


You have answered well.

The most interesting aspect of Advaita is that by definition it is
Hence the only logic chopping is to confirm this aspect - full stop.
The same answer also covers the points raised about the value of language,
truth and history.

The grand thing about Advaita is that it cannot be a statement of affairs.
It can only be a state - Here there is no subject - no object and no
relationship is possible. Just a state - a state of first hand realisation
full stop.

So we come back to: - Who do we know in the contemporary times who is
established in this state? Without this link we have no handle on this

What do you say :-}


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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