Post-Shankaran Vedantins

Tadepalli, Hari K hari.k.tadepalli at INTEL.COM
Wed Dec 16 11:32:10 CST 1998

Sri Ravisankar:

        "There are many contemporary teachers and definitely their
        disciples consider them to be established in brahman. If we start
        discussing their teachings in a full fledged form in the list,
        then it will become ramakrishna-L, nisargadatta-L, or something
        like this."

        Pardon me if I am repeating an old question. I am asking this more
for a clarification: Is it OK to discuss Ramakrishna in relation to his
Advaitic teachings ? Or, are you saying that Ramakrishna should not be
discussed to the extent we do not make references to the source works of
Sanakara's Advatic schools ?

        Regards & Thanks,

        Hari Krishna

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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