Birth and death and rebirth from Advaitist viewpoint

Ashish Chandra achandra at WNMAIL.WNDEV.ATT.COM
Thu Dec 17 16:11:42 CST 1998

Namaskar Shri Lakhaniji and others.

When Shri Lakhani says " special salutations to Shree Ashishji who so
kindly asked a question and then answered it himself in a true advaita
fashion :-)", I must confess that I am afraid I haven't really acted in
Advaita fashion. First of all, I had asked the question of whether there is
transmigration of the soul from one body to another. Then I realised that
there was no independent Aatman, from the Advaitist viewpoint so there must
be no transmigration of the Aatman but only that of the Prana and the
Sookshma Sharir. That is but a logical conclusion. It may even concur with
Advaita Vedanta. But I was looking for a truthful answer from someone who
actually knows what exactly happens. I don't believe I have that yet and I
would appreciate it if someone could inform me.

Again, the question was :

If the Atman is Brahma, what is it that is manifested again and again
through birth and rebirth. If there is no duality, then what is it that is
manifested into all that is living, dying and being (re)born ? When we say
that there is no birth or death or rebirth for one who has realised Brahma,
which part of us do we mean i.e. Atman was being manifested all along in
all these births. What stops ? If there is no part, what is not reborn ?

I logically concluded :

I should apologize at the outset that I should have posed the question
keeping in mind the Advaitist concept of Atman and Brahma being one and the
same. So I indulged in a little self-delusion :) (don't we all).

>From what you have written, would it be correct on my part to assume that
since there is no independent Atman, what is reborn is actually a
manifestation of my Prana (vibration) and Sookshma Sharir. The Atman does
not undergo this trans-migratory process since its there all the time but
is unrealized. Would this be a correct perception ?

Does anyone here know this to be true ?


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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