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The title of this thread may sound redundant, yet it's appropriate
if one considers how, in practice, vedanta can veer off on intricate
tangents, intellectual entanglements, paradoxes, etc...

Although philosophical speculation/theorization has its place in the
early and middling stages of the jnanamarga, it's best to plant the
vidya-seed that [it] can--when the time is ripe for one's final shift
beyond the chit jada granthi--represent the most formidable obstacle
preventing the final untying of the historic ego-knot.

Sw. Venkatesananda wrote in his introduction to VASISTHA'S YOGA:

     The text abounds in repetitions which are, however,
     not repetitions.  If you do not like (or need)
     repetition, then read just this one verse:

     "This world appearance is a confusion; even as the
     blueness of the sky is an optical illusion.  I think
     it is better not to let the mind dwell on it, but
     to ignore it." (I.3.2)

And here's the final passage in ADVAITA BODHA DEEPIKA:

[The text quotes the Yoga Vasistha...]:

    V: Efface thoughts of all kinds, of things enjoyed,
       not enjoyed, or otherwise.  Like wood or stone,
       remain free from thoughts.
    Rama: Should I altogether forget everything?
    V: Exactly; altogether forget eveything and remain
       like wood or stone.
    R: The result will be dullness like wood or stone.
    V: Not so.  All this is only illusion.  Forgetting
       illusion, you are freed from it.  Though seemingly
       dull, you will be the Bliss itself.  Your intellect
       will be altogether clear and sharp.  Without getting
       entangled in worldly life, but appearing active to
       others, remain as the very Bliss of Brahman and be
       happy.  Unlike the blue color of the sky, let not the
       illusion of the world revive in the pure ether of
       Consciousness-Self.  To forget this illsuion is the
       sole means to kill the mind and remain as Bliss.
       Though Siva, Vishnu, or Brahman Himself should
       instruct you, realization is not possible without
       this one means.  Without forgetting everything,
       fixity as the Self is impossible.  Therefore
       altogether forget eveything.

Happy New Year!


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there are no questions."

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