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Sun Jan 4 19:17:06 CST 1998

                                     Brahmaiva Satyam

Thanks to sada, Vidya and others whose postings helped me to devlop.....

Sada's statement that experience coupled with knowledge should lead one to...

I gained the knowlege from Upanishads, Masters, Swamis and Gurus... and I had
experience more than once by the grace of DEVI.

Knowledge coupled with experience should have made me a.........

NO! it did not happen and I am not expecting anything to happen!

Something is holding me.  I can not pinpoint what it is but I feel it is

Let me paint you a picture!   I have lot of debts, I have a daughter to be
educated and married and I have a son who needs guidance.  If I leave all
these reponsibities and devote 100% to brahman, people would say I am
irresponsible, a coward.

I have two alternatives.

1. Ignore the world, forget responsibilities and GO
2. Stay and discharge responsibilities.

What would one do under these circumastances?

Anybody Advise!

Let Noble Thoughts Come To Me From All Sides

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