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Mon Jan 5 12:35:33 CST 1998

At 08:17 PM 1/4/98 EST, you wrote:
>                                     Brahmaiva Satyam

>Let me paint you a picture!   I have lot of debts, I have a daughter to be
>educated and married and I have a son who needs guidance.  If I leave all
>these reponsibities and devote 100% to brahman, people would say I am
>irresponsible, a coward.
>I have two alternatives.
>1. Ignore the world, forget responsibilities and GO
>2. Stay and discharge responsibilities.
>What would one do under these circumastances?
>Anybody Advise!
>                                                      Nagy

    But who "goes?"
    Who "stays?"

     If it's a quandary for you, then you'd better stay until it isn't.

                      With Blessings,

                          Chuck Hillig

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