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Tue Jan 6 23:55:28 CST 1998

On Tue, 6 Jan 1998 MANTRALAURA at DELPHI.COM wrote:

> Namaste Jaldhar,
>   Since you are not my Swami (whom I deeply respect),

Do you respect him because he tells the truth or because he says what you
want to hear?

> and you are prejudiced against women and anyone
> who is not Indian,

For saying what I did, I'm no more prejudiced against women and foreigners
than you are prejudiced against dyslexic people because you said one
should be careful in pronouncing.  It's a matter of standards.  One
can debate the nature of those standards but picking and choosing things
according to your whim strikes at the very heart of what Vedanta stands

I do freely admit to being prejudiced against the Arya Samaj however.
>From what I know of their beliefs they are despicable heretics.  But
should by some chance new information come to light I'm prepare to revise
even that opinion in a minute.  Intellectual honesty demands it.

> and since I refuse to get into any
> arguments with anyone on the Internet (I am here to
> enjoy and learn what interests me),

It is childish to assume that the truth will always interest you or strike
your fancy.

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