Bhagavad kr^pa (grace of God)

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Sri Gummaluri Murthy wrote:
>The physical effort (action) is certainly inferior to mental and as
>such, physical actions need not be considered.

Phsical actions involves mental attitudes and that make a difference hence
even the physical actions can be converted into yoga as karma yoga for
purification of the mind.  .

> The only human action
>that is of any relevance is the meditation.

{     cut    }

>Thus, human actions do not lead to moksha; at best they only remove
>obstacles. I am not saying that human effort is not necessary. It is
>indeed vital. But there is something else (which a human mind cannot
>comprehend) that leads to moksha.
>Again, as I mentioned before, human effort vis-a-vis the grace of
>God is only a minor part of my earlier post. I would be grateful if
>the members comment on the latter portion of my earlier post as well.

There is no difference in what we both are saying.  What is in our control
is our human effort.  The grace will come automatically for those that

Contemplation or Meditation as means is also action at mental level. There
is an inquiry involved for knowledge to take place. It is not negating the
mind.  It is using the mind to go beyond the mind like a pole walt.  Who I
am or what is the souce of contents of the thougts or even jagat involves
an intense inquiry by a prepared mind ( pure mind). Meditation involves
meditator, meditated and meditating.  By meditation one goes beyond
meditation - that happens by grace.

Hence human effort is upto the end and one goes beyond the begining and end
by grace. Ultimately one can declare as Bhagavan Dattatreya says in
Avadhuuta Gita
        aham dhyaataa param dhyeyam akhandam khadate katham|
I am the meditator and meditating on the supreme - how can one divide the
Hari Om!

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