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> I'm not sure whether I asked this on the list before :
> Can somebody suggest a good translation of the Rig Veda?

There are some translations of the Rig Veda, but most of them are more
idiosyncratic than 'good'. Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty has a paperback
edition of selected verses, in a Penguin edition, which owes much to
Freudian psychoanalysis. Translations by other Indologists are not meant
for a general audience. They worry about important (but boring to most
people, even those looking for spiritual wisdom) issues like variant
readings in manuscripts, variations in the oral transmission traditions,
geographical distributions of such variations, linguistic and historical
issues involved in transmission. etc. Translations by Indian authors are
usually meant to expound the philosophies of their translators. All in
all, it would be better not to rely on translations, if you can manage it.


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> Nagy wrote:

> Let me paint you a picture!   I have lot of debts, I have a daughter
> to be educated and married and I have a son who needs guidance.
> If I leave all these responsibilities and devote 100% to Brahman, people
> would say I am irresponsible a coward .........

Namaskar Nagi:

The above questions have also been raised in study groups, camps and in
other Vedantic discussions.  Let me add some additional suggestions.

The Vedantic notion of devoting 100% to Brahman implies that the actions
become spontaneous. A spontaneous action has no cause or effect. A
spontaneous action occurs when the flower blooms. The plant blooms
whether we appreciate or criticize. Such actions essentially become
inaction and generate total peace and tranquility. Are we capable for
such spontaneous actions? The answer is yes! If a child falls
accidentally in a swimming pool then someone jumps immediately to save
the child.  At times, people who do not swim will also jump onto the
pool to save the child. This is human instinct or temporary realization
of the True Nature of  Jiva - Brahman. Devoting 100% to Brahman should
infer a permanent realization of the True Nature of Jiva - Brahman.
When we start  conducting all our actions spontaneously with yoga
spirit, we just do the action without looking for alternatives!   The
essence of the message of Karma Yoga is: "Actions are inevitable and
excuses are unforgivable."  In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna describes the
method of realization of the True Nature of Jiva.  Nevertheless, the
transformation of Jiva to Brahman requires discipline, dedication,
determination, confidence, faith, strong conviction and time.   The
basic starting point is changing our attitude of life with a strong
faith in "SELF." The length of time of this changing personality depends
on the nature of the person and the level of spiritual growth and
belief. It is also important that we conduct our duties at the best
level of our abilities and not to worry about the judgments made on
abilities and conduct.  This is not an easy proposition, but when we
have strong conviction to what we believe is right, we can succeed.

> .... Lastly I would like to express thanks to Acharyas of Kanchi,
> Sringeri, Swami Chinmayananda and others with whom I had personal
> discussions  and correspondence which cost me nothing. They are proper
>guru in  every sense but they are gone now. I will keep searching for a
> proper guru OR he/she will come to me at proper time.

It is true that the physical bodies of the Acharyas of Kanchi and
Sringeri and Swami Chinmayananda are no more.  However, if we believe in
their messages, they can never disappear and they will be with us
always.  Atman is never born and these Acharyas are never gone!  The
human mind find every possible way to find excuses for undertaking
responsibilities   When we discipline our life, the mind will slowly
loses its hold and release us free.  We should keep remind within: Who
is the Boss? Is it the Mind or SELF?

Please take your time and think more about what I have stated here.
Shri Sadananda has also eloquently made some thoughtful suggestions for
your consideration.

With my regards,

Ram Chandran
Burke, Va

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