Grace of God

Miguel Angel Carrasco nisargadata at MX3.REDESTB.ES
Sat Jan 10 12:54:05 CST 1998

In response to some nonsense of mine (my silly wish to lose sight of my
body-mind), Frank Maiello wrote: ^ÓBy the *perseverence* of atmavichara.^Ô

Sorry, what is atmavichara?

And Gummuluru Murthy wrote :    ^ÓThe solution is simple. Please recognize
that what is following you is just a corpse, an inert thing.^Ô

But it is not inert! Or doesn^Òt appear to be. I wish it were already a
corpse. It is filling my consciousness most of the time. It is very active
Have you ever had to suffer an unwelcome guest who simply doesn^Òt want to
leave? And who keeps talking and talking, about stupid things, squandering
your precious time and totally disrupting your peace of mind? It^Òs
something similar, but day after day. It^Òs not that simple to get rid of
one^Òs mind. There^Òs nothing else I wish at present (apart from an answer to
one single question, too, but that doesn^Òt belong here). Something that
helps me (to forget my mind) is reading wise words. Following a
providential tip by dear Greg Good, I^Òve recently discovered the  shtavakra
Samhita and Francis Lucille. The latter I found terrific (though I only
have a few pages downloaded from the web). I can^Òt resist the wish to quote
a few lines by Francis:

^ÓWhen we become a little more acquainted with the Now we feel it. It is
like tuning in to a new frequency and living simultaneously at two levels:
There is the objective world in front, as usual, and there is another level
-"in the back"- but it is not a specifically localized place, it is a
metaphysical space, the background of our mind, of our thoughts, of our
perceptions, the core of our being. When the attention frees itself from
perceptions that hold it in thrall, it discovers itself as that
self-luminous space which is the true substance of the body. At this
moment, the duality between body and space is abolished.^Ó

It is this tuning in to a different frequency from that of my mind that I^Òm
seeking. So far, I^Òve hardly had more than a glimpse. It^Òs a hard task.
Like getting to see a tridimensional world in those curious digital
pictures by staring beyond the picture itself. If you are not goot at it
it^Òs unnerving. I find getting to see beyond the mind much harder.

As to the Ashtavakra Samhita, I have no words. It^Òs the most beautiful
thing I^Òve ever found in the world so far. I can^Òt thank Greg Goode enough
for the tip.

These readings do help, but momentarily. Soon the bore of my mind calls
again. And again.

Sorry to bother you with my petty personal problems. But if it were not for
this, and for the kind answers I get, I might never have found the
Ashtavakra. Anyone has seen anything in the line of the two readings I

I would like so much hearing about other members^Ò discoverings and inner
experiences, rather than our usual theoretical debates...

"First I gave up action, then idle words, and lastly thought itself. Now I
am here. [...]
Thinking of what is beyond thinking is still thinking. I gave up thinking,
and I am here."

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