Chelluri Chelluri at AOL.COM
Sat Jan 10 21:53:22 CST 1998

                                      Brahmaiva Satyam

My friend Sada  says " You mentioned about some Swamis come here only for
money.  Remember Nagy many of them are involved in selfless work which you and
I can not do"

I disagree!

We can not do.  We have responsibilities.  Work and Family.

If it is selfless why the medical collge has to be named after them.
It is not selfless they are after the FAME and money. So did Bhagwan Rajneesh!

I am not against Swamis or Swaminis.  I can give only $1 but if you give $1000
you get special treatment.  You are in the front row.  When I say "YOU" not
you many people who have lots of money.  They can have the "Darshan" early
and go do whatever their interest is whether it is the frendly bar or some
other thing.   We ordinary people like me eventhough we have to attend to
important duties we have to wait for darshan.

My friends this world is " Dhanam moolam idam Jagat".    That is Sri
Shankaracharyas words.     If you have the money you make it in this world and
talk about advaita or dwaita.

Whether you have the money or not you can not run away from the
Do not worry about me I  have the money to be in front row.   I dont want to
be because of money.  I want it beacuse you, swamis and me are the same.

If I am wrong please feel free to say it.

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